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DJ Wedding Reception Timeline Example

wedding dj reception timeline example


7:00pm - Guests Arrive and begin COCKTAILS - DJ setup complete and background music playing

7:30pm - Bride and Groom arrive and are announced to the guests (sometimes this is done by the Best Man)

7:45pm - Cake Cutting Ceremony

8:00pm - Dinner (sometimes this is announced by the Father or parent of the Bride)

8:45pm - Toasts (Best Man, Maid of Honor, Parents, etc.) - Microphone provided by DJ

9:00pm - Bride and Groom First Dance

9:05pm - Father of the Bride and Bride Dance

9:10pm - Mother of the Groom and Groom Dance

9:15pm - Entire Bridal Party Dance

9:20pm - DJ Starts the Party (playing upbeat dance music, etc.)

10:00pm - Bouquet Toss / Garter Toss

11:00pm - Some couples like to put special things here - College Salutes (KU, KSTATE, MIZZOU, etc.) or possibly the Hora or "chair dance" from the Jewish origin.  We've also seen the Bride and Groom thank the parents at this time.

12am - Party Over and Smiles and Handshakes all around!

DJ gratuity is appreciated but not required.  Thank you.

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